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Paediatric Surgery

Grommet Insertion
Glue ear can present in early years of life. If a child develops glue ear ie fluid in the middle ear, it can lead to speech delay, hearing loss and imbalance in children. Good news is glue can resolve by three months. So on initial visit Mr Kumar may discuss use of otovent balloon if appropriate in your childs case. If your child continues to have glue ear for three months he or she may need grommet to help them with speech, hearing and balance. Grommet are small ventilation tube which help in draining of fluid and maintaince of pressure in middle ear. Mr Kumar performs this procedure with the help of endoscope as it can be tricky to insert grommet in small ear canal. To help with hearing loss hearing aids can be a option. Grommets may fall of after six to twelve months. Child will not feel the grommet once inserted.

Most common complication of grommet surgery are bleeding, infection, perforation and recurrence of glue ear which may require reinsertion.

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
Tonsil surgery is commonly offered if your child has recurrent tonsillitis or if tonsils are getting in the airway making it difficult for your child to breath at night. Mr Kumar will discuss with you risks and benefits of the procedure. He will explain and answer all your concerns and worries for the procedure.

Preauricular Sinus
Preauricular sinus can present as small pit or swelling in front of the ear. This can be treated by surgery if gets frequent discharge or infections. Complete meticulous en-block resection is important to avoid recurrence.

Thyroglossal Cyst
Thyroglossal cyst is a birth cyst which can present as swelling in front of their neck in children. It can get infected and form abscess. Treatment can be offered if child has symptoms, by surgical removal of this cyst through small incision in the neck.

Prominent ears can lead to social avoidance or poor school performance. Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty is procedure of pinning back of pinna. This is surgery is offered to children after age of five. There are different techniques to correct the shape and Mr Kumar will discuss with you the most appropriate technique. Your child may be able to go home same day after the surgery. Your child may have to wear head bandage for few days after the surgery. It is very important to keep the wound dry and avoid any trauma.

Main complications of this surgery are bleeding, infection of wound or cartilage, haematoma formation, scar or keloid formation and recurrence and need for revision surgery.

Adenoid tissue is part of immune system and can become enlarged during early years of life. Your child may need adenoid surgery if has nasal obstruction, glue ear or recurrent ear infection, recurrent sinusitis or nasal discharge. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. Mr Kumar performs this surgery using suction diathermy which is technique with minimal blood loss, rather than curettage. If required in your child’s case Mr Kumar may recommend removal of tonsils with or without grommet insertion. Because of his technique Mr Kumar offers this case as day case, so the child can go home same day.

Most common complications of adenoid surgery are bleeding, infection, pain, earache, damage to teeth, change in voice and bad breath. Your child will need two weeks off from school to avoid infection.