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Laser Cholesteatoma Surgery
Cholesteatoma is a non-cancer cyst of the ear which can lead to a complication like deafness, paralysis of the nerve of the face ( Facial nerve weakness) and meningitis (brain infection). Mr Kumar is highly skilled ear surgeon who can perform such kind of ear surgery using KTP LASER when required in the case. He takes referral from across the county for all complex and previously failed ear cases. He has a large experience of managing complicated cholesteatoma in children.

Mr Kumar believes in dry, safe ears and aims to achieve good functional ear in all his cases. He reconstructs the ear structures in a way so that his patients can still go swimming after ear has healed.

Endoscopic ear surgery
Mr Kumar is performing endoscopic ear surgery for complex ear cases to improve outcome and avoiding scar of surgery in these cases. Uses of endoscopic ear surgery in both routine and complex ear cases improves recovery in post operative period. Mr Kumar will discuss if your case can be performed solely by the endoscopic approach and avoid scars.

Stapes Surgery
Mr Kumar takes a referral for stapes surgery, which is surgery on the third bone of hearing. Stapes can get fixed due to otosclerosis and lead to deafness. Mr Kumar performs this most delicate procedure using LASER which reflects in his excellent hearing restoration results.

Balance surgery
Mr Kumar works very closely with his team of neurologist, neurosurgeon, audiologist and physiotherapist in his Balance and Vertigo clinic. He offers advice and treatment to patients suffering from vertigo and dizziness. He offers intratympanic injections and balance surgery were appropriate which good control of dizziness post treatment.

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis ( Sensitivity to loud sound)
Management of tinnitus and hyperacusis requires a holistic approach. Mr Kumar has a team of audiologist and psychologist to help you control your symptoms.

Ear Reshaping
Mr Kumar offers detailed and impartial advice if having ear reshaping procedure (Otoplasty) is suitable for you. This procedure is suitable for underdeveloped folds or larger than the usual central portion of the ear. The procedure can be done in children from the age of 6 and in adults.

Split Ear Lobe
Ear lobe, the soft fleshy lower bit of ear can split by using heavy jewellery. Mr Kumar can perform and reshape the lobule under local anaesthetic. Dermal fillers can be used to rejuvenate soft ear lobules.

Ear Wax Removal
Impacted Ear Wax can be removed in the clinic by micro suction, which is very safe and painless way of removing wax.

Ear Drum Repair