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Grommet Insertion

The middle ear is normally filled with air, but in some children, this air is replaced by fluid. This is commonly known as Glue ear. Persistent glue can cause language delay, behavioural problems and erosion of small bones of hearing. One of the options of treating glue is grommet insertion. Mr Kumar can discuss if your child will benefit by having grommet surgery done.

Glue ear means that the middle ear is filled with fluid that looks like glue. It can affect one or both ears. The fluid has a deadening effect on the vibrations of the eardrum and tiny bones (ossicles) created by sound. These affected vibrations are received by the cochlea and so the volume of the hearing is turned down. Glue ear usually occurs in young children but it can develop at any age. Glue ear is sometimes called otitis media with effusion (OME).