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Protect your little ones

Childhood should be a joy, but if illness strikes there are experts on hand to get your child back up and running.

Parents only ever want the best for their children and this is never more important than when they are ill. Ear, nose and throat conditions are common in childhood and treatment needs to be carefully tailored to each child’s individual and specific needs.

Ear problems include perforated drums, glue ear, deafness, infections, tinnitus, foreign bodies and dizziness.

My Child Was Missing School Because Of His Sore Throat

Recurrent sore throat due to tonsillitis can affect both children and adults. It can be associated with temperature, neck lumps, painful swallow, rash, and headache. Frequent stone formation in the tonsil can lead to tonsillitis as well as bad breath. Enlarged tonsils can lead to sleep apnea and can affect the quality of sleep your child.

If unfortunately, these symptoms become persistent and start to affect school attendance
and work then, in consultation with Ear Nose throat surgeon you may be advised having Tonsillectomy done. Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove tonsils.

Special Senses Need Specialist Surgeons

Ear problems can be very distressing. Sound entering the ear canal moves ear drum. This vibrates the small bones of hearing called ossicles and this, in turn, moves fluid in the inner ear to convert sound signal to electrical signal. This is interpreted by the brain.

Ear problems like wax in the ear canal, ear infections, otosclerosis and ear drum perforation can affect your hearing. To make the diagnosis, good detailed history, examination and special hearing tests are required. As ear is one of the special senses, you should always trust ear specialist with extensive experience.