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Special Senses Need Specialist Surgeons

Special Senses Need Specialist Surgeons

Ear problems can be very distressing. Sound entering the ear canal moves ear drum. This vibrates the small bones of hearing called ossicles and this, in turn, moves fluid in the inner ear to convert sound signal to electrical signal. This is interpreted by the brain.

Ear problems like wax in the ear canal, ear infections, otosclerosis and ear drum perforation can affect your hearing. To make the diagnosis, good detailed history, examination and special hearing tests are required. As ear is one of the special senses, you should always trust ear specialist with extensive experience.

Conditions in which ear surgeon can help

1. Cholesteatoma: It is the collection of epidermal tissue in the middle ear which is locally invasive and destructive.

2. Glue ear: It is a condition in which middle ear which is usually filled with air gets replaced by fluid. In most cases, it clears without treatment. In some cases, ventilation tube called grommets may be required.

3. Otosclerosis: It is a condition in which one small bone of hearing gets fixed. It can be treated with hearing aid or surgically.

4. Perforated ear drum: It is the condition which can be due to chronic ear infection, trauma due to sudden loud noise or change in pressure while flying.

5. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss: It is the unexplained rapid hearing loss which may require emergency medical treatment. The main treatment is early intervention with oral steroids with or without steroid injection in the ear.

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