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My Child Was Missing School Because Of His Sore Throat

My Child Was Missing School Because Of His Sore Throat

Recurrent sore throat due to tonsillitis can affect both children and adults. It can be associated with temperature, neck lumps, painful swallow, rash, and headache. Frequent stone formation in the tonsil can lead to tonsillitis as well as bad breath. Enlarged tonsils can lead to sleep apnea and can affect the quality of sleep your child.

If unfortunately, these symptoms become persistent and start to affect school attendance
and work then, in consultation with Ear Nose throat surgeon you may be advised having Tonsillectomy done. Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove tonsils.

Now there is an alternative way to do Tonsillectomy?

There are several ways to perform a tonsillectomy. COBLATION technology uses low-temperature radiofrequency energy with saline to create a plasma field. COBLATION technology dissolves issue molecule by molecule, resulting in a precise removal of targeted tissue. By generating significantly lower temperatures than electrosurgery, the COBLATION process minimizes damage to
surrounding healthy tissue. Leading to much less pain and quick recovery.

Another method is Electrosurgery. Electrosurgery uses electrical energy to remove the tonsils. This electrical energy generates very high heat to rupture cells and vaporize tonsil tissue. This sometimes causes significant damage such as burning and charring at the surgical site.

Mr Kumar can discuss both methods with you as he has been performing tonsillectomy on both adult and children for last 20 years.

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