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Protect your little ones

Protect your little ones

Childhood should be a joy, but if illness strikes there are experts on hand to get your child back up and running.

Parents only ever want the best for their children and this is never more important than when they are ill. Ear, nose and throat conditions are common in childhood and treatment needs to be carefully tailored to each child’s individual and specific needs.

Ear problems include perforated drums, glue ear, deafness, infections, tinnitus, foreign bodies and dizziness.

Nose conditions range from blockages and foreign bodies to catarrh and sinusitis, while tonsillitis, drooling and breathing difficulties affect the throat.

The good news is there have been many advances in the treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions in recent years and this is where consultant ENT surgeon Mr Gaurav Kumar and his expert multidisciplinary team can help.

  • Glue ear can be helped by inserting a small ventilation tube called grommet or otovent balloon, which is blown up to open blocked airways.
  • Tonsillitis can be successfully treated using the coblation technique, which has faster recovery times than more traditional methods.
  • Ear problems can be treated with endoscopic ear surgery using an ultra high definition 4K endoscope. This technique has been pioneered by Mr Kumar.


1. Tonsillitis is common in children and may have a negative impact on school attendance. If a child has frequent recurring bouts, he or she may benefit from a tonsillectomy.

2. Glue ear or fluid behind the eardrum affects children, particularly in the early years. Persistent glue ear can slow speech and hearing development, and therefore school performance.

3. Large tonsils or a blockage in the nose can disrupt a child’s sleep and even cause choking at night. An ear, nose and throat specialist can make an accurate diagnosis and offer treatment.

4. Frequent ear infections can affect hearing and school performance. This could be due to a hole in the ear drum or cholesteatoma (abnormal skin growth in the ear). An experienced ear surgeon can manage these conditions.

5. Prominent ears is a physical problem caused by the cartilage inside the ear. Sometimes called ‘bat ears’, it can lead to teasing, reduced self-esteem and poor performance at school. Fortunately, it can be successfully treated.

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